Thursday, January 15, 2015

Guide: Linking Subdomains to Domains on Blogger (3/3)

This three part guide will show you how to change your blog name, how to create a subdomain for your Blogger blog, and how to link the new blog to a page on your original blog for smooth user transitions around your web properties.

1.) Create new blog:
Once your new blog is created and the new blog address is registered continue to step 2.

2.) On original blog: Navigate Layout > on Pages module click Edit > Add external link 

3.) On original blog: Add your new blog's page title: New Site
Add your new blog's URL:
(This redirects the "New Site" page on your main blog to your newly created blog.)

4.) On original blog: Check mark: "New Site". Save
(This ensures your new section will be accessible through the page link on your main blog.)

5.) Verify the link, open your main blog, click your "New Site" page. If your new blog opens, then the redirect was successful. If it doesn't open, check for spelling errors in the URL (step 3).


Follow these links for the guides to creating a new subdomain and for changing your blog name.

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