Thursday, January 15, 2015

Guide: Redirecting Blogger Blog to New Domain

1.) Use domain registrar and hosting company of your choice to register your domain name: You will need access to your DNS records which is obtained through your hosting company (ex. GoDaddy).

2.) Login to your blog dashboard on Open your main blog.

3.) Navigate Settings > Basics > Publishing

4.) Choose redirect to 3rd party site

5.) Enter the name of your new domain: Save.

redirect to 3rd party site

6.) After clicking save you may be directed to confirm your site authorization by adding a host file to your DNS records. At this point, you'll need to login to your DNS host and create a new host file to link the accounts. Methods for this step vary according to hosting company, so, your best bet is to check for tutorials on your hosting company's website.

7.) Once your site ownership is verified, Blogger will automatically redirect users to your new domain. 

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