Thursday, February 26, 2015

FREE: Google Developer Page Speed Insights

To get free website page speed analysis, click Page Speed Insights link, insert the web address of the site you wish to check, then click analyze.

While in Google's Page Speed Insights, be sure to click the "mobile" tab for mobile insights or the "desktop" tab for desktop insights. Once your site has been analyzed, you can click on the performance areas to see what steps can or should be taken to make your site more user, device, or desktop friendly.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guide: Create ISO Images

Myriad reasons exist for creating ISO images. By creating an ISO image, you're creating a disc image for use with a drive emulator like Virtual CloneDrive (this program only mounts ISOs). An emulator is great for accessing the data on an ISO, but not much help with creating an ISO. Virtual CloneDrive is freeware, but the rest of the SlySoft product lineup offers free 21 day trials. For our purposes, we'll need an ISO creation tool that is also freeware. In my Mounting ISO Images guide, I mention the recent size limit change enabled by powerISO. When creating ISOs from discs it is problematic for the program to impose size limits. For that reason, I like using IMGBurn, though there are other times when I use WinISO. Try them both and don't forget to comment with what you like or don't like about the programs.

Click here for IMGBurn guides.

1.) download ISO creation program (ex. IMGBurn)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Guide: Mount ISO Images

In order to use an ISO image without burning it to a CD, it must be "mounted" to a virtual drive. This brief tutorial shows how to mount an ISO and how to access the information on a mounted ISO by using Windows Explorer.

1.) download virtual drive and ISO mounting program (ex. powerISO).

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Guide: Troubleshooting Blogger's New Contact Form

Blogger's new Contact Form has caused some users to report problems such as the send function not working or not receiving the contact forms in their email. After looking around the internet, I saw a number of solutions that involved editing HTML or CSS. While these code edits may solve some of the problems, I like to try non-invasive troubleshooting first.

Here are some things to check before deciding to alter code.