Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guide: Create ISO Images

Myriad reasons exist for creating ISO images. By creating an ISO image, you're creating a disc image for use with a drive emulator like Virtual CloneDrive (this program only mounts ISOs). An emulator is great for accessing the data on an ISO, but not much help with creating an ISO. Virtual CloneDrive is freeware, but the rest of the SlySoft product lineup offers free 21 day trials. For our purposes, we'll need an ISO creation tool that is also freeware. In my Mounting ISO Images guide, I mention the recent size limit change enabled by powerISO. When creating ISOs from discs it is problematic for the program to impose size limits. For that reason, I like using IMGBurn, though there are other times when I use WinISO. Try them both and don't forget to comment with what you like or don't like about the programs.

Click here for IMGBurn guides.

1.) download ISO creation program (ex. IMGBurn)

2.) IMGBurn doesn't have "copy" as a feature, instead they use "read" to capture disc files to an image and "write" to burn the copy to disc.
     a.) follow this "read" guide from the IMGBurn forum
     b.) follow this "write" guide from the IMGBurn forum - rather than burning to disc, choose the location on your hard drive, and choose to save the file with the .ISO extension

Click here for WinISO tutorials.

1.) download ISO creation program (ex. WinISO)

2.) Use WinISO to make an ISO image from a disc or from files on your computer
     a.) follow this ISO from disc guide from WinISO
     b.) follow this ISO from files guide from WinISO

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