Thursday, February 12, 2015

Guide: Mount ISO Images

In order to use an ISO image without burning it to a CD, it must be "mounted" to a virtual drive. This brief tutorial shows how to mount an ISO and how to access the information on a mounted ISO by using Windows Explorer.

1.) download virtual drive and ISO mounting program (ex. powerISO).

2.) right click on ISO file, choose PowerISO > Mount [yourfile.iso] to > Drive: [F] (your virtual drive may have a different letter).

3.) right click on start button 
     a.) in Windows 7(-): choose Open Windows Explorer
     b.) in Windows 8(+): choose File Explorer

4.) look in the explorer side panel, you should now see the ISO mounted to the virtual drive listed under This PC (Windows 8+) or Computer (Windows 7-). 

5.) to open the virtual drive (do either...or...)
     a.) left click on the drive with mounted ISO > opens ISO in explorer main panel  
     b.) right click on the drive with mounted ISO > choose expand or open in new window 

Finished with the ISO? Unmount it. 

6.)  to unmount: right click on the mounted ISO file > PowerISO > Unmount Drive: [F]

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