Thursday, February 5, 2015

Guide: Troubleshooting Blogger's New Contact Form

Blogger's new Contact Form has caused some users to report problems such as the send function not working or not receiving the contact forms in their email. After looking around the internet, I saw a number of solutions that involved editing HTML or CSS. While these code edits may solve some of the problems, I like to try non-invasive troubleshooting first.

Here are some things to check before deciding to alter code.

Play the email game: "where's it hiding?"

1.) If you're using gmail as your email provider
     a.) check under the top tab marked "Social"

2.) If you are not using gmail:
     a.) Please leave a comment with your email provider. I will add instructions as I receive comments.

3.) Verify your email address in Blogger: Settings > Mobile and Email > Comment and Notification
     a.) If no email address (or, the wrong email address) - add/correct email address.
     b.) This section should contain your full email address.

4.) Still no joy? Sometimes Blogger glitches when adding new modules which causes the code to be incomplete. Try deleting the Contact Form module and readding it. Don't forget to SAVE your changes.
     a.) Layout > click edit on the Contact Form module > Remove
     b.) click Add Gadget > More Gadgets > Contact Form (by Blogger)

*If none of these steps fixed your problem, please leave me a comment. I'll address the more invasive troubleshooting techniques in another guide. 

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