Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guide: Connecting Google Adsense to Blogger Pages (1/3)

So, you set up your first Blogger blog and now you want to link AdSense to your account. Have you set up your AdSense account? Use this link to learn how to set up AdSense (or, follow the steps below to set it up from Blogger).

Great, now that you've got your blog and AdSense accounts set up, here's the steps to link AdSense to your Blogger pages:

NOTE: If you plan to create many blogs on Blogger, you'll only have to do this step for the first blog. Once your AdSense account is created and linked to your first Blogger blog, you can skip to Step 3.

1.) Sign in to Blogger.
2.) Open your Blog >  Earnings > click "Sign Up for AdSense" button > follow the instructions to create your AdSense account 

3.) After your AdSense account is created, return to the Blogger dashboard: your blog > Layout > Add a Gadget > AdSense module > Configure AdSense > Save

4.) Move your newly created AdSense ad to where you believe it'll be most useful. You can move the AdSense module by the click-and-drag method > Save Arrangement

5.) Verify your AdSense adverts: Do not click "Preview" as this view does not show live advertisements, it shows placeholders for advertisement locations. Instead, click "View Blog" which shows you the live site and will show you if the advertisement is too large for the area you chose to dispaly it in. 

NOTE, II: it is against AdSense policy for you to click advertisements on your own site.

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