Thursday, March 19, 2015

Guide: Connecting Google Analytics to Blogger Posts (2/3)

In part one, Connecting Google AdSense to Blogger Pages, I show you how to create an AdSense module for your pages. Perhaps, you'd also like Google Analytics to keep track of your posts? Follow the steps below to place Google Analytics into your posts...this requires a one time code addition, which will free you from having to manually place the code into each post. This assumes you've already set up a Google Analytics account. If you have not, please follow the instructions here:

1.) Sign in to both sites:
     a.) Blogger
     b.) Analytics

2.) open Blog > Settings > Posts and Comments > Post Template

3.) open Analytics > Admin > choose Account name > choose Property name > click "Tracking Info" > click "Tracking Code" > Save and Copy Code

4.) In Blogger: paste Code into Post Template > Save Settings

5.) Verify Code: click "New Post" > HTML button (Analytics code should be present, if not repeat steps 3 and 4).

Now that you've got your Analytics account connected to your blog, here's an article from Digital Inspirations about Tracking AdBlock Users using Google Analytics

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