Thursday, March 26, 2015

Guide: Creating AdSense Ads in Blogger RSS Feeds (3/3)

In 2012, Google killed AdSense for Feeds which meant that bloggers who relied on ad revenue from their RSS subscribers were SOL (i.e., shit out of luck), unless they found a new way to keep advertisements in their RSS feeds. The simple solution is to create an AdSense ad for the feed footer.

NOTE: This simple method to place AdSense ads in your RSS feed is for publishers using the platform.
NOTE, 1: Does not place AdSense ads into email readers like gmail.

1.) Sign in on both sites:
     a.) Blogger
     b.) AdSense

2.) In AdSense: go to "My Ads" tab > Content > Ad Units > click "New Ad" button > insert settings (name the ad and choose size 728X90 (step 2.a.)) > Save and Copy Code
     a.) for more info about settings follow the instructions in Google AdSense tutorial for adding New Ad Units 

3.) In Blogger: go to your blog > Settings > Other > Site Feed - Post Feed Footer > Paste Ad Code (from step 2.). > Save

4.) In Blogger: Verify Footer by Test Post 
     a.) be sure to subscribe to your feed 
     b.) create a brief message ("This is a Test!") 
     c.) post it to your site - if you do not receive the feed, then confirm that you have indeed subscribed; and, if you don't see the ad, then verify the ad code and settings

For more information on redirecting RSS Feeds, see my post: Redirect Blogger RSS Feeds to FeedBurner.

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