Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guide: Three Ways to Verify Posts in Blogger

Blogger Post Verification
  1. Check posts by clicking "Preview" button - AdSense ad placeholders do not show ads to prevent accidental clicks; other functionality may be reduced (unresponsive links, etc), follow step 2. for already published posts and step 3. for scheduled posts.
  2. For published posts: open Permalink in sidebar > copy post address (click done) > CRTL T (opens new tab in new window) > CRTL V pastes permalink address from clipboard > Enter (opens post)
  3. For unpublished/scheduled posts: create a "test" blog > copy site template > publish post on test site > then follow step 2.B. to verify the post > once post has passed verification > copy post > open "real" blog > paste post > add labels, schedule post, etc > Publish

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