Thursday, December 31, 2015

Guide: Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working - Six Solutions

Cortana has a bug that causes the Start button and the notifications icons to become unresponsive. The November Update "fixed" the issue by forcing the installation of a new instance of Windows 10, thereby resetting customized user defaults back to Windows defaults. Unfortunately, the November Installation has the same Cortana bug, meaning the Start button and notifications icons can become unresponsive again. Here are five methods for dealing with the issue.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Guide: Windows 10 Desktop Icon Recovery - 12 Solutions

NOTE: Windows 10 desktop icons are sometimes very slow to load. If one or two Taskbar and Desktop Icons are missing it may take 20 - 30 minutes for Windows 10 to load them. If all of your desktop icons are missing, one of the various methods listed below may help you recover them.

I've noticed when using a laptop, just closing the lid (to put computer in sleep mode) frequently causes this error. Whereas using Start > Shutdown menu > Sleep does not cause this error.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Guide: Windows 10 Desktop System Icons Missing - Two Solutions

Missing System Icons
By Windows 10 default, some of the System Icons are not placed on the Desktop. Here's two methods to get your System Icons back.

    Windows 10 - Method 1
  1. rt. click desktop
  2. personalize
  3. themes
  4. desktop icons
  5. checkmark the icons you want
  6. apply, then ok

    Windows 10 - Method 2
  1. rt. click Start button
  2. click Control Panel
  3. click Appearance and Personalization
  4. click Personalization
  5. click Change Desktop Icons
  6. checkmark the icons you want
  7. apply then ok

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

List: Windows 10 EXEs and File Names

Executable File Names
(Use in elevated command prompt or in Run (Win Key + R); some of these EXEs may return errors or may not do anything).

Windows (Accessories, etc.)
ImagingDevices.exe - Photo Viewer
MovieMaker.exe - Movie Maker
mspaint.exe - Paint
psr.exe - Problem Step Recorder
wlstartup.exe - Windows Essentials (?? Sign in with live account)
WLXPhotoGallery.exe - Photo Gallery
wmplayer - Windows Media Player (??may return error)
wordpad.exe - WordPad

Windows (System 32, Program Files etc.)
calc - calculator
charmap - character map
cmd - command prompt
getmac - MAC / NIC
isoburn - burning tool
mmc - management console (opens console root to create customized mgmt console - use with compmgmt.msc, etc)
netplwiz - advanced UAC (add/remove users)
optionalfeatures - turn Windows Features on/off (ex. Hyper-V)
rstrui - system restore
runas - run as administrator
sethc - shortcut keys
setupcl - system clone tool
systeminfo (use msinfo32.exe to open sysinfo console)
takeown - Take Ownership of File
unregmp2 - Media Player Setup Utility ***
UserAccountControlSettings - UAC Notification Settings
workfolders - Work Folders
wpr - Performance Recorder
write - WordPad

MS Office
EDITOR.EXE - Code Editor
MSPUB.EXE - Publisher
ONENOTEM.EXE - OneNote SideNote (Mini)
POWERPNT.EXE - Power Point
PPTVIEW.EXE - Power Point Viewer
SELFCERT.EXE - Self-Certification
VPREVIEW.EXE - Visio Preview

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Guide: Methods to Adding a New User in Windows 10

Two Methods to Add New User Profile (using Mouse)
Once Control Panel is open, navigate to PC Settings to Add New User
(NOTE: these may not work if Cortana has failed).

  1.  Under “User Accounts” click “Change Account Type” > click “Add a new user in PC settings” > click "Add someone else to this PC" > Under “Family & other users” click “Add someone else to this PC”