Thursday, February 4, 2016

Guide: Checking Device Drivers in Windows 10 Using Native Programs - 3 Methods

Here's three ways to check your device drivers in Windows 10, without installing third party software. The first method is point and click, the second is using only the keyboard, and the third is a combination of mouse and keyboard. all three do the same thing, therefore it is not necessary to use all the methods. Just pick which ever one you think will be easiest. This is part of the Windows redundancy features.

  • Use Device Manager to check, update, install, and rollback device drivers.
  • Use System Information to find out driver specifics, verify problems & conflicts with devices.
  • Elevated Command Prompt = Command Prompt (with Administrator Privileges)

    Method 1: Opening Sys Info & Dev Mgr (w/ Mouse)
  1. Start > Control Panel > Systems & Security > Administrative Tools > System Information
  2. (While in Admin Tools) open Computer Management > Device Manager

    Method 2: Opening Sys Info & Dev Mgr (w/ Keyboard)
  1. System Information = Win Key + R > msinfo32.exe
  2. Device Manager (read only) = Win Key + R > devmgmt.msc

    Method 3: Opening Sys Info & Dev Mgr (w/ Both)
  1. System Information = Start > elevated command prompt > type: msinfo32.exe <enter>
  2. Device Manager (full control) = Start > elevated command prompt >type: mmc devmgmt.msc <enter>

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