Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are changing how people access education.

As Finley takes various courses, she'll create course reviews that consider various aspects of self-paced learning (incl. prior knowledge reqs, math/adv. math reqs, video/reading material cohesion with quizzes). Additionally, she'll cover areas of difficulty in each course. Her goal is to provide readers with enough information to determine which SPCs best fit their learning requirements or which courses should be taken as live classes.

The first MOOC she'll look at is Once she's established criteria for virtual SPCs, she'll switch over to reviewing courses offered through Khan Academy. These are only two of the MOOCs available, in time, Finley hopes to add SPCs from other MOOCs.

MOOCS for future-potential reviews:,,,,,, (w/,, (LMS not classes, go to instead),,, stanford online,,,

Speciality MOOCs
astronomy (w/telescope use) -
biz/trade -
programming, etc -
english -

Based Outside USA MOOCs 
Australia -
China -
Ecuador -
EU -
Finland - (LMS and classes)
France -
Germany -

*If you know of a MOOC that is not included, please leave a comment so it can be added to the list.

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